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Perhaps you'd like to know more about the team behind Acqulior, we've made a special effort to introduce you right here. 




Founder and Creative Director

The team is helmed by Acacia, who attended Parsons Paris under a scholarship before taking a sabbatical to create the label. Briefly training with Ecole Lesage during her time in Paris, Acacia has a love of embroidery and textile creation. Her focus on emotional wellbeing, diversity and productivity makes her uniquely suited to lead this team.


Design Assistant and Second in Command

Mother to four cats, Farah’s ability to multitask, project manage and deliver results is evident from Day One. Farah's conceptual style lends a modern perspective to Acacia’s traditionally feminine design silhouettes. She handles everything from photoshoot production and photo editing to pattern drafting and sample making.


Head of Sales

Jenessa’s discipline and love of connecting with people from all walks of life stems from her disciplined HIIT workouts. Her exploration of sustainability and transparency began when she met Acacia in 2018, culminating in her joining of Acqulior as Head of Sales. Meticulous with data, Jenessa provides a voice of reason when it comes to campaigns and marketing.


Social Media Manager

Rauzah’s passion lies in expressing Acqulior’s messages in beautiful words and engaging content.With a background in communications, her fashion industry experience began here.
 Primed with her trusty camera, she captures unguarded moments of the team and reveals a side of the company that few get to witness.


Apparel Production

Jesslyn is an avid lover of all things related to design and the arts.
Like many others, she has fallen victim to the allures of what the youth call “Bubble Tea”. As a watercolour painter with an eye for detail, you can see her handiworks in the carefully constructed apparel of Acqulior. She is also the guardian of the overlocker and broken zippers.


Apparel Production

Janine is a usually quiet and focused individual. Once she's immersed in her tasks, she will be transported to another world where the distractions of this world cannot affect her. Similar to Jesslyn, she can be distracted by Bubble Tea. To see a different side of her, present her with a small fluffy animal. This will activate the “Squeal and Grab” protocol.