Green Efforts



We love creating out of what the earth already gave us. Our fabrics are sourced from Cloth House London in the UK which stocks natural fabrics as an environmental commitment, with a hands-on approach, working closely with artisans, textile traders and families. We also have several locally sourced textiles. Instead of making new textiles and adding to landfills, pollution, and social harm in the process, we source vintage fabrics from Misan Fabrics, a luxury fabric store also based in the UK. Misan Fabrics supports individual textile designers and only works with factories that obey UK labour laws.


Our zippers close the loop in garment production. Sourced from the Japanese company YKK’s NATULON® product lines, our zippers are made from recycled materials including PET bottles through innovative material recycling technology. 

Garment Manufacturing

The fabrics and materials are then lovingly put together in Singapore by our local seamstresses. Their expertise is fuelled by a life-long passion for making beautiful clothes.  

Garment Preservation

It is now in your hands to care for your clothes so that they last as long as possible.
Follow the care instructions on the clothing labels affectionately. Wash your clothes less to reduce your carbon footprint and maintain your pieces in their best conditions.
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Slow Down

In order to reduce wastage and to allow our seamstress healthy working hours, we only produce your pieces once you order and pay for them. They will take one month to be made and to reach your hands. We appreciate your patience on this but hey, good things are worth waiting for, right? 
Do check our FAQ page for more information.

In House Recycling

Paper and fabric byproducts are kept and reused or recycled in house by the Acqulior Team. Recycled paper is crafted into artisanal paper which we use as part of our packaging, and scrap fabric is used as pin cushion stuffing. 
If fabrics cutoffs are large enough, they are put to use in sample making, dye testing or pattern pieces in toiles. Even our packaging is designed to be reusable, durable, and recyclable.