Size Chart

The standard sizing system deeply flawed. If your measurements are unique from what is stated on our website, let us know here.
We would love to create our pieces to fit you perfectly!
{ Some notes on taking measurements }
Always stand when taking measurements.
Neck Measurement
Make sure you're breathing in when you take this measurement because you want to have a relaxed neck and throat for the measurement to be accurate. 
Bust Measurement
Measuring tape should sit comfortably around the bust line, all the way to the back, it might help if someone else assists in the measuring process.
Waist Measurement
Measuring tape should go around the smallest part of the waist. Keep in mind to breathe in to ensure that it is the most expanded possible so that the outfit you purchase will be comfortable when you receive it. 
Hip Measurement
Measuring tape should sit horizontally all around the largest part of the hip and bottom. Ease of 1cm or so should be factored in as the measurement might change when one is sitting or moving. 
If your measurement is in between two sizes, round to the closer size's measurement. When looking for a dress or bottoms, the waist measurement is most important. When looking for a top, the bust measurement is most important. If you have any other questions regarding measuring yourself, please don't hesitate to Contact Us