Scorpio Embroidered Mask
Scorpio Embroidered Mask
Scorpio Embroidered Mask


Scorpio Embroidered Mask

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Extremely tenacious and honest, Scorpio is a water sign with an enigmatic nature. They Scorpios are human lie detectors, but they also keep all your secrets for you so you don’t carry their weight alone.

Scorpio allows these Scorpios to demonstrate their unparalleled empathy, depth and commitment with incredible passion and power.

Designed to provide ample space for breathing and talking, our limited edition  mask comes with adjustable straps to provide an experience that’s tailor-made to suit your needs. 

Fabric Composition:

• 100% Silk, 100% Cotton lining 


• Adjustable and interchangeable straps for optimal comfort

• Unique mask shape for clear articulation during conversations

• Slot for filter inserts

• 100% Cotton lining 


Care Instructions:

• Hand wash cold

• Dry away from direct sunlight

• Do not bleach 

• Warm iron if needed 

Dimensions: 24cm W x 12cm H 


Made in Singapore


Wash before first wear

Click here for tutorial on adjusting ear loops.

Click here for tutorial on washing and care.