from Latin, ‘something desired’

"The air was stained with metal and dew drops. 
Within the confines of this ship, the coven wandered through the precarious habitat of their induced dream. Time and space travel, I’ve realised, tends to be lined with long stretches of tedium. Both flexible and unwavering, history unfurls its long and unyielding silence to those who have access to the power of an expanding black hole.
The soft lights across the edges of the chamber shot into the rapidly decompressing atrium like arrows. We all knew what was coming. It’s what we trained for our entire lives. It was our honour and privilege, and our unifying mission. The slumber induced by our ship dissipates, only an echo now in the back of our mind.

Notebooks, jars and tweezers. The tools of trade for the aspiring natural historian. Collectors and curators of the past, we seek to document and explain to our progeny how we came to be and what we must never return to. The coven scatters in preparation for departure like leaves in the late autumn wind. Veiled in silence, we attempt to prepare for the unexpected. The previous coven landing in this time-space did not last long.
Discrimination, blatant ignorance and inequality plague this time-space.
This will not phase us;
for we soar upon eagle's wings.
The sun, the blue-grey sky and the sounds of urban life bleeding into the air.
Semi-familiar were the hallmarks of existence before humans realised they were not alone in this sempiternal universe.

 Our task was simple. To observe, to document, and to acquire the peculiar."

Diary Excerpt from an Acqulior, unknown time